16 Actors Who Came Out After Playing LGBTQ Characters

Varney, who voiced Korra in the animated series Legend of Korra, came out via Instagram in 2018. It may have been somewhat unclear on the show, which ended in 2014, but series creators have since confirmed that female characters Korra and Asami are bisexual and that their relationship is canon. Speaking about Korrasami, Varney (who often shares fanart of the two on her Instagram) emphasized to Entertainment Weekly the relationship’s role in normalizing LGBTQ romance in animated series. “We’ve all said the awesomest thing is going to be when kids who see this for the first time are like, ‘Wait a minute, Korrasami was controversial?’ And that’s already happening, where there are people who are like, ‘Oh, I didn’t even realize that would be something that would raise an eyebrow.'”

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