31 Squid Game Moments Vs Behind The Scenes Photos

The Red Light, Green Light set is massive and so cool.

Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Squid Game!


First, here’s Jung Ho-yeon hanging out while filming the moment when Sae-byeok and Deok-su fight in Episode 1.


This is an aerial look at the moment when all of the players arrived in the arena for Red Light, Green Light.


Here’s what the players were actually seeing when the Red Light, Green Light game started.


And here’s where the camera was positioned as it followed all of the players trying to escape after realizing they were going to get shot if they moved even an inch.


Lee Jung-jae is trying to stay very still while filming the scene when Gi-hun decides to get up and run.


Heo Sung-tae and Jung Ho-yeon film the moment when Sae-byeok grabs Deok-su during Red Light, Green Light.


Here’s what it looked like while the Squid Game cast filmed the moment some of the players crossed the finish line.


Park Hae-soo is hard at work during the dalgona challenge.


And, here’s Lee Jung-jae shooting the moment when Gi-hun realizes he should lick the dalgona.


If you’re wondering what it looked like when all of the players were heading into this room before the tug of war game, here you go.


And this is what Lee Yoo-mi saw while Ji-yeong was sitting all by herself on the stairs.


This is how the tug of war set was put together. Although it looks like it was super high off the ground, it was actually just on a small platform.


Here’s a look at some of the actors hanging onto the rope after they fell from the platform.


Lee Jung-jae and the rest of the actors gave it their all while filming the tug of war moments.


Like, look how intense they all look as they try to win this game.


Here’s Sae-byeok and Ji-yeon walking back to safety in Episode 5 after winning the tug of war game.


The incredible alley set that was built for Episode 6, aka the saddest episode of the season.


Anupam Tripathi looks absolutely heartbroken while shooting the scene when Ali realizes his bag is filled with rocks, not marbles.


Here’s an overhead look at the scene where Sang-woo delivers his (stolen) bag of winning marbles and gets to move on to the next round.


Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Yoo-mi are concentrating super hard while they get ready to film a Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong moment.


Here’s Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, and Jung Ho-yeon getting all their smiling out of the way while filming Episode 7.


This is what it actually looked like to film the moment a player fell through the glass floor in Episode 7.


And here’s how high off the ground the bridge of glass actually was.


A behind-the-scenes look at the moment right before Sang-woo pushes the player to his death.


Here’s Jung Ho-yeon taking a break while filming the end of Episode 7. You can even spot the harness she was wearing while filming too.


This is what it actually looked like during the moment when all of the glass explodes.


Here’s Jung Ho-yeon filming a Sae-byeok close-up in Episode 8.


Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo looking pretty badass while walking into the arena for the final game.


Here’s Lee Jung-jae doing his best hopping while playing Squid Game.


Park Hae-soo rips off Sang-woo’s jacket during his final fight with Gi-hun.


And finally, here’s Lee Jung-jae filming the moment Gi-hun realizes Sang-woo is injured and he tries to stop the game.

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