Actors Who Were Almost In Twilight

I’d still be Team Edward regardless.


Jennifer Lawrence auditioned to play Bella, but at the time “it was just another audition” and she had no idea the franchise was going to become as big as it is.

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Eclipse screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg originally pictured Channing Tatum for the role of Riley Byers — she thought he would play the role “beautifully” — but at the time, he was already working on several other movies.


Dave Franco screen-tested for the role of Edward Cullen and even read in front of Twilight director Catherine Hardwick.

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Vanessa Hudgens was rumored to have auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater, and while nothing came of it, Ashley Greene said she thought Vanessa “would be great” in the role.

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Twilight author Stephenie Meyer had her own casting in mind for Edward Cullen, and her first choice was Henry Cavill. However, at the time of auditions, he was 24 and too old for the role.

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Michelle Trachtenberg — who has known Catherine Hardwick since the movie Thirteen — was actually in the running to play Bella and joked, “There was definitely interest here and there because there’s only so few pale girls in Hollywood.”

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Dustin Milligan — who’s worked with Kristen Stewart twice already — auditioned for the role of Edward and joked he didn’t get it because he didn’t have a British accent.

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Stephenie Meyer really wanted Charlie Hunnam to play Carlisle Cullen after she’d seen him in Nicholas Nickleby, where he “pretty much was Carlisle in that movie.”

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Lucy Hale was a huge fan of the books and auditioned for the Twilight franchise twice: once to play Alice Cullen and another time to play Jane.

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Several Twilight fans rallied so hard for Tom Felton to play Riley Byers that when he was asked about the rumors, he said, “I’ll be ready when they want me!”


Scott Eastwood auditioned to play Edward Cullen, but remembered he just went “through the motions” and didn’t “try all that hard” because he didn’t really want to be in a YA movie.

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John Stamos was Stephenie Meyer’s choice to play Laurent, and she was really hoping he’d sign on to do a cameo.

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Stephenie Meyer’s first choice for Bella was actually Emily Browning, but when she was offered the role, she turned it down.

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Steven Strait was another one of Stephenie Meyer’s original casting choices for Jacob Black, but also was too old when auditions rolled around.

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Instead, Stephenie Meyer pictured Tyler Posey playing Jacob. He ended up reading for the part but found out he didn’t get it months later after a conversation with Taylor Lautner at another audition.

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Studio execs wanted to recast Jacob for New Moon because they felt Taylor Lautner wasn’t big enough for the role, and they prematurely stated Michael Copon would play “the new Jacob.”

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One of Lily Collins’ first auditions as a young actor was for the role of Bella Swan.

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Stephenie Meyer’s first choice to play Charlie Swan was actually John C. Reilly. She felt he was “so perfect,” even though it’d be a reach to get him to sign on.

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Stephenie Meyer also felt like Vince Vaughn could play Charlie, as long as he added a “few extra pounds and a receding hairline.”

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Shiloh Fernandez auditioned for Edward but shared that he was “nervous and awkward” and that he and Kristen Stewart “didn’t mesh.”

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Finally, Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon wanted to cast James Franco in the movie, but he changed his mind because he felt James was so famous that it would “feel like ‘Where’s Waldo?'”

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