Beanie Feldstein Funniest Tweets

Her tweets are the celebrity gift that keeps on giving.

What’s not to love about Beanie Feldstein? She’s a talented actor, a kind human being, and an all-around delight.

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Plus, she’s got a hilarious sense of humor to boast.

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Don’t believe me?! Check out these 25 funny tweets that prove she’s the perfect Twitter follow.


last night I was going through security at the Hollywood Bowl & the woman checking bags stopped my purse and very loudly asked: “EXCUSE ME MISS IS THIS PEPPER SPRAY IN YOUR BAG?” I looked in my bag, saw what she was referring to and replied: “That is my inhaler!” Gotta be me!

06:37 PM – 29 Jul 2019

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein


i feel so powerful because i have tricked the algorithm that gives you ads: they think i have a baby cause i can only use baby skin products but joke is on them I JUST AM A (BEANIE) BABY

10:35 PM – 17 Jul 2019

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein


Just brushed my teeth in an airport bathroom and a little girl at the next sink with a stuffed animal giraffe draped over her shoulder looked like me when I was younger but she also looked at me like she was really disappointed in the girl she’d grow up to be!!!

03:02 AM – 27 Jun 2019

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein


just facetimed my girlfriend and she was fully crying and i asked why, and she looked at the tv and said, “baby, snape just said he’ll always love lily!!!!!” and i now i KNOW i made the right choice.

10:00 PM – 11 Jun 2019

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein


my future bachelorette party is just going to be me and my best friends having a lil cuddle and then a gorgeous snack!
(not even close to being engaged just love to dream about my future snacks!!!!!!!)

11:28 PM – 02 Mar 2019

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein


I was just sitting eating snacks on the couch in my pajamas at 9PM when I looked down and realized one of my rings was missing and I immediately assumed I had swallowed it. It is deeply concerning that that was my 1st thought and deeply comforting that I found it on the floor.

01:37 AM – 17 Oct 2018

Twitter: @BeanieFeldstein

You can find her at @BeanieFeldstein on Twitter.

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