Bleachers Jack Antonoff New Album Interview

How does your approach to writing Bleachers songs differ from your approach to working on your many other projects?Well, the other things I do are collaborative, so it’s a very different space for me. If I’m working on Bleachers, I’m combing through my own stories and I’m making sense of them. I’m writing my story, but, when I collaborate, I’m helping someone else push their story along. They’re almost opposites, even though my body does the same thing.BuzzFeed: You do tend to write from a very autobiographical place.Jack: I tend to, even if I get pretty ethereal within that. The songs are pretty grounded in almost a documentary-style fact.Can you walk me through the album name Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night? Is there something about that lyric that particularly resonates with you?I was thinking about this evil eye, this darkness that comes with all hope or good things. And I was like, “What is the most open, joyful, hopeful concept?” Saturday night! When I hear the words “Saturday night,” I think anything’s possible — maybe it’s from movies or something, it’s not necessarily the way I feel. It’s this wide open space, and, for a lot of us, possibility and hope comes with sadness. The whole point of the album is prosecuting this idea, I can’t wait to take the sadness out of Saturday night. It’s the most joyous way of saying it.Lyrics like, “How dare you want more” mean the same thing of breaking through to the next phase of your life, and there’s so much anxiety and frustration, because you can’t do it. So much joy, because you can see the future. You have all this baggage metaphorically, literally, and you can’t do it and you’re just like, “This doesn’t work! This doesn’t fit through this! I’ve fucked some things up and it does not fit through!” You’re stuck in this purgatory of examination, trying to break through — and it’s where the album comes from, that space. Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night is like, can I just drop this and have my Saturday night?

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