Cardi B Wears Schiaparelli At Paris Fashion Week

Alright, so we all know Cardi B can turn out a look that is a STATEMENT.

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Well, Cardi’s done it again while out with Offset during Paris Fashion Week — in Schiaparelli, because of course.

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I wear sweats when I go to the store, but then I don’t spend $40,000 in Chanel like Offset did. 

What sucks me in about this outfit is that without all the gold detailing, it would just be a fairly standard plaid jacket and jeans. But then we wouldn’t be here!

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First, we have the headpiece — obviously, how could you miss it? What’s personally putting my mind through the blender is trying to guess where underneath the sunglasses her eyes are.

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But oh no no, the accessories do not stop here. See also: mouth and eye necklace. And the gold nipples. Of course, the gold nipples.

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This tracks with Schiaparelli’s other surrealist body pieces — check out Bella Hadid’s lung necklace.

The rings are also teeth. I’d encourage you to take a moment to consider your feelings at this point.

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Upon reading this, you might think that the earrings would follow suit and be some kind of body part. Surprise! They’re actually keyholes.

Frat / Best Image / BACKGRID

Anyway, here’s the look without the headpiece. Just a regular day in the Chanel store!

Frat / Best Image / BACKGRID

Anyway, I might wear pants today if I feel fancy.

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