Drake’s Mom Wrote Him A Poem For Certified Lover Boy Album

“Being your mother has been my life’s greatest treat.”

Drake’s mom, Sandi Graham, is so proud of him.

Earlier today, the rapper shared a beautiful poem his mom wrote him ahead of the release of his Certified Lover Boy album, and guys, it’s super sweet.

Graham said, “It’s finally come / The countdown has reached one / With each new album my heart skips a beat / Being your mother has been my life’s greatest treat.”

“It’s been a long hard road together, now there’s one more day to go. I wanna celebrate you son, more than you’ll ever know,” she continued.

“Love you more now and forever.”

Drake’s mom also sent him two more poems ahead of his album’s release date. Two days ago, she sent him a card that said, “Everyone’s excited, ‘cause you’re nothing like the rest.”

“Three more days, my pookaroo, I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

Then yesterday, she sent him another poem, which read, “Day two is here, one more to go. We go high when they go low. Certified — it’s been quite a ride, I forever admire your relentless drive.”

Aww. Drake’s mom is such a great cheerleader. Her poems make me even more excited for Certified Lover Boy to be released on Friday.

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