Fun Facts About MIYAVI’s New Album, Netflix Series, And Tour

MIYAVI’s 13th studio album, Imaginary, was originally supposed to release in 2020, after Holy Nights. Due to the pandemic, the album release was delayed until MIYAVI could once again perform live for his fans.  In our interview, the Japanese musician spoke about the inspiration behind Imaginary and what message he hopes to convey. He told A*Pop how Holy Nights was inspired by seeing multiple crises affect our planet, such as climate change, gender equality, and the refugee crisis, which he sees firsthand through his philanthropic work as a Goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). Imaginary is a continuation of the message Holy Nights had.Now, as another worldly crisis continues to affect us, MIYAVI reflected on what individuals can do at a time like this, “I think, personally, that we have realized we have to stop and look at ourselves and decide how we want to live, or how to make this world sustainable, because we can’t keep going with what we’ve been doing. So this is what I’ve been trying to think of, this precious opportunity to stop, look at ourselves, and rethink what is best for us. That’s why Imaginary is the title of this album, it’s our weapon to make a bright future.”Imaginary combines modern pop with contemporary rock and includes a wide range of covers and collaborative tracks in the album, such as “New Gravity;” the title track “Imaginary” with two-time Grammy-winning pop singer Kimbra; “Hush Hush,” a collaboration with K-pop sensation Kang Daniel; and covers of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and POD’s “Youth of a Nation,” featuring rock singer Troi Irons.If you’d like to hear more, check out our full interview with him.

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