Here Are My Thoughts After Watching The Kissing Booth

70. There’s a pic of ELLE IN HER UNDERWEAR AND PAINT AT PROM?? That feels like it 100% wouldn’t be allowed. Or is it just me?71. Oh yikes, Noah. You’re really gonna make her choose her best friend or you??? Like, at least kiss her in private and let her choose later. 72. Oof. I really thought Elle would glance at Lee, and I really thought she was going to say it, and he’d be like, “Go for it, bestie,” and she’d tell Noah she loved him too.73. Good for Noah though. That took guts. He must really love her. Or he’s just a hormone-raged teen. 74. IDK, man. Noah has the rage and internal struggle of a much older man. We’re supposed to believe he’s, like, 18?75. Elle’s little speech is making me tear up. As someone who has had a best friend date another best friend…this cuts deep. I feel for Lee, but I feel for Elle too. 76. Ugh, that was SO CUTE. The besties are back. 77. Ah, the old switcheroo. Creepy, but charming. 78. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — Noah’s SO TALL. How tall is he? I’m gonna look it up.79. He’s 6’5″ fam. SIX. FIVE. A literal tower.80. Elle driving this motorcyle is kind of stressing me out. 81. Mmmk, I think we could have done without the kissing booth line. Like, the point has been made.82. Aww, I’m glad everyone got a happy ending.83. Can’t wait to watch the next one!

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