Hilarious Bretman Rock Tweets

“If I’m gonna be a mess, I’mma be a hot one.”

If you know Bretman Rock, then you may know him for his sickening makeup looks, rock-hard abs, and fabulous outfits:

HOWEVER, Bretman is more than just a pretty face β€” he’s also fucking hilarious and loves memeing himself and his niece, Cleo.

So, here’s a collection of Bretman’s funniest tweets:


This tweet showing off his exclusive invite:

Lmfao so a couple weeks ago my Manager said I was going to be attending the Super Bowl this year… I got real excited ….but this is what she meant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

07:47 PM – 07 Feb 2021

Twitter: @bretmanrock


This tweet about online classes:

Bitch if I had zoom classes I would literally serve looks… I would have full on set up lighting, full face duhh and my camera would be on the whole time… y’all gone see me today bitch

11:56 PM – 28 Sep 2020

Twitter: @bretmanrock

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