I Am Weed Memes Sparked By Megan Fox And MGK

“You smell like weed.” “I am weed.”

Our favorite ethereal couple, Megan “we breathed each other” Fox and Machine Gun “blonde angel baby” Kelly have done it again.

Todd Williamson / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

And by done it again, I mean somehow remained constantly in the public eye even against our will.

In their recent GQ interview, the two psychedelic lovers asked each other 40 questions in which they had to guess different facts about each other.

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GQ / Via youtube.com

Also a loooooot of sexual tension in this video 👀.

The whole video is wild (no seriously, pls watch), but literally this happened in the first 10 seconds…

GQ / Via youtube.com

Apparently this was their first ever interaction when they met at a GQ party.

And because the devil works hard, but Twitter works harder, almost immediately the memes came pouring in. Here are 18 of the best:

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