Kim Kardashian’s SNL Monologue Was An Absolute Roast

From Kanye to her sisters to O.J., she really covered everything.

Kim’s not known for being a performer, so nobody really knew what to expect of her as a host. But as soon as she stepped out for her monologue and made a joke about that video, it was clear there was actually nothing to worry about.

Kim followed that up with a zinger aimed at her famous sisters:

The monologue was less than five minutes long, but Kim was able to cover a wide range of topics, like her pride at not being a gold digger…

…why she won’t be running for president…

…and of course, her marriage to Kanye West.

She even had a little burn for SNL, comparing the show’s relatively small audience to her gigantic platform.

But the jokes that got the biggest reaction from the audience (and a gasp from me in my living room) were the ones about O.J. Simpson, who Kim’s father famously defended during his murder trial:

I’m actually pretty impressed with Kim’s delivery and sense of humor, to say nothing of the writers behind the monologue, who wrote some killer jokes.

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