Roles That Made People Reconsider Actors’ Talents

“I really didn’t enjoy his previous rom-coms and I didn’t find anything particularly amazing about his performances in them. So I was completely blown away by him in The Dark Knight. Like glued to the screen, utterly mesmerized by how compelling he made that character.”—u/AnnieAbattoir”Yep. I remember a lot of complaints when people found out about the casting, but just about everyone shut up once they saw his performance.”—u/dinosore”Came to post this. He was a B-list pretty boy, although I did enjoy A Knight’s Tale — but because of his casting as the Joker I had super low expectations for The Dark Knight and then HOLY FUCK IT WAS THE BEST BATMAN MOVIE EVER MADE and a huge part of that was Heath Ledger.”—u/method8888

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