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This is Taylor Swift — Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, certified cat lady, and now…a legend in the TikTok community.

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Taylor joined TikTok last month and has already amassed 5 million followers. I’m not surprised, considering she makes A+ content, like this ode to just a few of her masterpiece albums:

Or this case study on her cat’s peculiar standing abilities:

Howeverrrrr, her best piece of content so far is probably her TikTok about Shania Twain, where she made a video about anyone who says country girls can’t go pop, with a slide show of her and Shania Twain:

tiktok.com, Jeff Kravitz / Getty

For those who live under a rock, Shania famously went from a country star to pop star, like Tay.

Well, Shania saw the TikTok and then created one of her own about anyone who says, “Country girls can’t go pop.” She captioned it, “Thank you @taylorswift ❤️ I appreciate you! Paying this one forward to another trailblazer 😘.” In her video, she paid tribute to Dolly Parton — another country-pop star:

Taylor, like me, was obsessed, reacting to Shania’s video with a stitch of pure joy. “I have ceased to be a person anymore I have exploded into a cloud of confetti hearts.”

These interactions cured my hangover, made me stream all three of them, and extended my life by 10 years.

Thank you, legends. I love you all. <3 <3 <3

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