This Grandma Went Viral For Her Bag Of Stuff

Because we all know and love a Grandma Sheila.

And, I mean, come on. This looks divine!!

Allie learned the craft of banana bread making from her grandmother, Grandma Sheila.

And lately, Allie’s been going viral not for banana bread, but for her “grandma’s bag of stuff” series.

You see, 78-year-old Grandma Sheila loves nothing more than coming over to Allie’s house and distributing things from her bag of stuff!

She’s been going viral on TikTok the past few months and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite series:

Little pound cakes? She’s got ’em.

Boxes of tissues? No problem!

And now she has me wanting a mini pen because she’s got some of those, too!

There are currently two other parts to the series:

And, honestly, I could watch Grandma Sheila’s hauls all day:

When asked how she feels about her viral Tiktok stardom, Grandma Sheila said:

And when asked about this article, Grandma Sheila said:

Allie Banana Bread

What a legend. Gotta love her!

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with one more picture of the banana bread because oh my dear lanta.

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