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Case’s Baby Mama Madina Milana Blasts Singer in Apparent Intoxicated Video

Case's Baby Mama Madina Milana Blasts Singer in Apparent Intoxicated Video

The ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ star accuses the ‘Happy Ever After’ singer, with whom she shares a son together, of owing her $500K in child support before calling him a ‘deadbeat.’

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Madina Milana slammed her baby daddy singer Case in a recent Instagram video. In the explosive clip, the TV star sarcastically congratulated Case for the 21st anniversary of his song, “Happily Ever After”, before accusing him of owing her $500K in child support.

“So I just noticed everyone’s commemorating my baby daddy for 21 years for his ‘Happily Ever After’ video with [Beyonce Knowles] in it, and the ‘Happy Ever After’ album with ‘Touch Me, Tease Me’ and ‘Faded Pictures’!” so she said. “Why don’t y’all tell that f***in’ bum a** to pay his child support? Why don’t you tell him that? He owes me over $500,000!”

She went on alleging, “You know why? ’cause he’s never paid child support a day in his life! And you know what? I used to send my son out there, and I used to pay for it!”

“The last straw- when my son was 11-years-old, I called my son. It was his birthday. He wanted to go see his dad. I call him on his birthday- I’m like, ‘Hey baby! What you doing?’ [He says,] ‘Oh, I’m in the store with my dad! He’s buying golf clubs,’ ” Madina continued. “He’s buying golf clubs? So I call his bum a**! I’m like, ‘You buyin’ golf clubs? You ain’t even buy nothing for your son?’ He’s like, ‘I asked him. He don’t want nothin’.’ ”

“He don’t want nothin’? Let me tell you somethin’! I want all mines! I’m coming for all mines! I’m postin’ paperwork and all that s**t! Don’t hit my line! Don’t do none of that to keep your a** out of jail!” she added.

Captioning the now-deleted post, Madina wrote, “Pray 4 me I don’t wish jail on no one especially myself. iam_Case pay your child support your arrears is over .5M I’m tired of you portraying this good guy when your the biggest deadbeat on the planet. Foh paper work in my story.”

People on Internet appeared to think that Madina looked high. “Damn….. she is definitely on something. cocaine is a hell of a drug,” one person convinced. One other asked, “Is it crack? Crack you smoke?”

Meanwhile, some others clowned Madina for her rant. “What did that have to do with him saying the album came out 21 years ago lmao,” a person commented. “Sis got on like SO I NOTICED PPL BEING HAPPY FOR MY BABY DADDY ! That makes me ANGRY,” another one added.

One user, however, defended Madina, saying, “Im sorry but I’m with her on this. It’s Bum-like behavior. If you don’t get it, it’s probably because you don’t have a child with a Bum or children period.”