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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Jirah Shades Him in Tik Tok Video

Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Jirah Shades Him in Tik Tok Video

People feel sorry for the 15-year-old daughter of the former boxing champion as she hints that her late mother Josie Harris was the only one who loved her unconditionally in the clip.

Being the child of a famous and rich person, Jirah Mayweather’s life is not always rainbows and butterflies, according to Jirah herself. The daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has poured out her feelings in a new Tik Tok video that has got people concerned about her emotional state.

In the clip, Jirah lip-syncs to Orianthi‘s song “According to You”, which is played in the background. When the lyrics go, “According to you/ I’m stupid/ I’m useless/ I can’t do anything right,” the 15-year-old girl points to a picture of her father, Floyd. The lyrics go on, “According to you/ I’m difficult/ hard to please/ forever changing my mind,” which Jirah uses to describe her siblings’ opinions about her.

When the song reaches the chorus which reads, “But according to him/ I’m beautiful, incredible/ he can’t get me out of his head/ According to him I’m funny/ irresistible/ everything he ever wanted,” Jirah points to a picture of her late mother Josie Harris, suggesting that she’s the only one who loved her unconditionally.

Upon seeing the video, people can’t help feeling sorry for Jirah. “that’s sad,” one Internet user reacted. Another sympathetic person wrote, “I feel so bad for her losing her mother I believe Josie was the rock in her three children’s lives.”

“I damn near cried. Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. She probably feels alone and like she has nobody. I really hope that someone steps up to help guide her and be there for her,” another shared. Someone else echoed the sentiment, “so sad and her mom just died. Hope everything works out for her and doesn’t up a bird like her sister Iyanna.”

“She’s crying out…..she just lost her mother & where is her father? I feel for this child & all others who are neglected by the ones who are suppose to protect them,” read another comment. Some others blasted Floyd for not being a good father for his children, with one angry user writing, “Floyd needs to get his s**t together. Illiterate a**.”

“he always thought money bought happiness put p***y over his kids,” another ranted. One other claimed, “Floyd had several kids and is falling all of them. He cares wayy to much about material s**t and not enough about his earthly connections.”

Jirah recently made headlines for threatening to stab Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli. Their online feud began as Jirah poked fun at the 17-year-old raptress over her alleged blackfishing controversy. Clapping back at Jirah, Bhabie then posted on her Instagram Stories, “Ay tell @jirahmayweather imma smack tf outta her when I see her.”

The daughter of the former professional boxing champion then responded by posting on her own Story, “@bhadbhabie we don’t fight b***hes around here we stab em,” seemingly alluding to her half-sister YaYa a.k.a. Iyanna Mayweather‘s recent stabbing incident.