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Jordyn Woods Fat-Shamed for Gaining Weight During Coronavirus Quarantine

Jordyn Woods Fat-Shamed for Gaining Weight During Coronavirus Quarantine

The former best friend of Kylie Jenner looks thicker when stepping out for a grocery run at a local Erewhon Organic store, prompting Twitter users to comment on her curves.

Jordyn Woods appears to be piling on the pounds while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Breaking her self-isolation on Monday, April 20 for a grocery run, the social media personality looked thicker than ever before.

The 22-year-old model was photographed while visiting her local Erewhon Organic grocery store in Hollywood with her sister Jodie along with two other ladies. She was seen pushing a trolley full of groceries while leaving the store.

During the outing, Jordyn wore a protective mask and blue-framed glasses as coronavirus precautions, while her raven hair was tied into a messy bun. She opted for a casual outfit consisting of a gray hoodie and matching tight pants, giving a glimpse at her tummy.

Her body shape quickly gained people’s attention, with some Twitter users trolling her for gaining some weight during the quarantine. “Jordyn Woods is cold Delta syrup thick,” one commented on the model’s figure. A surprised user weighed in, “why is jordyn woods so thick for omg.”

Another took a jab at the former best friend of Kylie Jenner, “Jordyn look like she stole two hams from the store and stuck them in the back of her leggings.” Someone else wondered, “Is that all real. She had a body shape before.”

“No stomach, big everything else,” another remarked of Jordyn’s current figure. A fan, however, thinks that the former “The Masked Singer” contestant still looks better than her ex-BFF Kylie, writing, “Kylie looking like trash lately, Jordyn’s winning.”

Jordyn recently appeared on “The Masked Singer” as a contestant who was wearing The Kangaroo costume. She, however, was eliminated in the April 8 episode. Having wowed people with her singing skills, she confessed she’s planning to hit the studio and lay down vocals on a bunch of tracks she’s already been working on.

“Sometimes people (are) like, ‘What is her talent?’… I wanted to show people a different side of me that even I didn’t know existed before doing the show,” she shared after her elimination. “There will be an album. Stay tuned for when this is over and I can actually get to the studio to record the music I’ve made.”