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Russian Robotics Company Offering $200,000 For The Exclusive Rights To Use A Person’s Face And Voice “Forever”

#Roommates, if you’ve been looking for a way to come up on an easy $200,000, then you’re in luck—and it’s all thanks to a robot. According to reports, a Russian robotics company is offering someone $200,000 for the right to exclusively use their likeness and voice “forever” for its new robot.@Newsweek reports, Promobot, the Russian […]

Alabama Police Questioned FedEx Driver After Finding Nearly 400 Packages Dumped In The Woods

Talk about a delivery delay! Instead of mailbox and doorstep drop-offs, someone working for FedEx recently got a lil’ creative with their route. Last week, authorities in Alabama found between 300-400 packages dumped in the woods. Since then, police have revealed little about the investigation. But, on Monday, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that […]

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Accused Of Using Media Sources To Gain Information About Andrew Cuomo’s Accusers

According to documents released by the #NewYork Attorney General’s Office, Chris Cuomo played more of a role in his brother’s case than initially thought.It’s said that the CNN host used his media connections to seek out information about those who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo of sexual assault.CNBC reports that Chris Cuomo was actively in […]

PETA Launches ‘Urban Outraged’ Online Shop Featuring Fictional Clothing Made Of “Human Leather”

As the seasons start to change and retailers roll out their finest pieces of outerwear, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is taking shots at brands that sell clothing made of genuine leather and animal fur.More specially, PETA recently launched a satirical online store called ‘Urban Outraged’, which reportedly features items made from […]