Baby Boy In Brazil Has Human Tail Removed

When you think of a human tail, the film ‘Shallow Hal’ comes to mind. But recently a baby was born with a human tail, and it was successfully removed thanks to doctors at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital.According to a pediatric journal, a baby boy in Brazil was born with a human tail, in addition to being born prematurely at 35 weeks.Born to a mother who was previously described as “healthy” and who didn’t smoke or drink, it’s reported that the mother smoked 10 cigarettes a day during her pregnancy but did not do any illicit drugs.Once the mother delivered the baby, it was a noticeable human tail attached with a ball at the end of it.She delivered her baby prematurely at 35 weeks with an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, but initial assessment revealed the neonate was jaundiced with a human tail with a ball at the end of it, per the report.Once the ultrasound was negative for “nervous system involvement,” the baby boy’s human tail was removed successfully.According to Fox, a human tail are categorized as “true or pseudo-tails.”Based on the definition, it is said that true human tails, “represent the persistence of a remnant of the embryonic tail formed between the fourth and eighth week of gestation, being composed of adipose and connective tissue, blood vessels, muscle and nerve fibers.”It’s also reported that a “pseudo-tail, is usually a symptom of a tailbone abnormality or spina bifida,” according to a report.It’s also noted that it is a belief that our ancestors had human tails. But once we evolved as a species, we stopped growing them. 

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