DaniLeigh Shares Final Words On Her Prior Living Situation With DaBaby—“I Didn’t Leave The House Because I Have No Friends/Family Out There”

Roommates, the last few days have been absolutely jaw-dropping regarding the intense drama surrounding DaniLeigh and DaBaby, as the two are currently in the middle of a bitter feud that sent social media into a tailspin. Following endless Instagram posts and videos between the two of them, DaniLeigh offered some final words about why she remained at DaBaby’s house despite their heated argument—explaining that she was basically all alone at his Charlotte home.Posting to her Instagram stories, DaniLeigh shared the following explanation about her living situation with DaBaby:“Last thing I’ma clear… I didn’t leave the house bc I’m in Charlotte.. I have no friends/family out there and I ain’t walking outside exposing [my daughter] and myself looking crazy with luggages. My assistant flew in so I could catch a flight that was later. But I wanted to go to his house to grab baby’s clothes. He said na.. then he went live. Did me how he did.. and the rest is yeah… but needed to clear that so y’all don’t think I’m jus sitting there while someone ‘kicking me and my baby out.’ Done dragging this! Unless someone else wanna say some cause I’m defending myself on everything. I’m done.. I’m sorry. Off the internet. I can’t see all this. Focusing on my girl. I’m quiet.”As we previously reported, Summer Walker (currently in the middle of her own drama with London On Da Track) offered support to DaniLeigh in a few posts on Instagram. “@iamdanileigh no cap whatever you need hit me, & I mean whatever. Damn ni***s really ain’t s**t. Seeing s**t like that really make my chest hurt….brings a b**ch flashbacks..Ima pray for her,” she wrote. Want updates directly in your text inbox? Hit us up at 917-722-8057 or click here to join!

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