Howard University Students Reach A Resolution With University Officials After Protesting Unlivable Housing Conditions For Over 30 Days World News

Roommates, more than a month of protests at Howard University’s Armour J. Blackburn Center, where students spoke out against unsafe housing conditions, including claims of mold, rats, roaches, and other unlivable conditions inside on-campus dorms, an agreement has finally been made. The #BlackburnTakeover, the longest protest in HU’s history spearheaded by #TheLiveMovement, has ended after their demands have been met and they reached an agreement with University officials. According to CNN, Frank Tramble, a spokesman for the university, released a statement Monday morning confirming that the school has come to a resolution with the students and would provide further comment later today. Howard also confirmed the news via Twitter, stating that the university’s president, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, would share a more extended message later. The Live Movement live-streamed the press conference where the organization’s founder Aniyah Vines and organizer Ericka English, who serves as President of Howard’s Young Democratic Socialists of America, shared comments. Ericka thanked the Howard DC community, grassroots organizations, staff, and faculty for putting their arms around protesters and supporting them. HU students have received support from parents, alumni, and even notable celebrities like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, whom Ericka also thanked for praying for students. As we previously reported, he came on campus on November 1st to speak with protestors and, unfortunately, was rushed to the hospital after falling while at the campus. According to The Grio, Jesse Jackson helped secure a verbal agreement from Howard University’s administration to allow students to end their protest without facing expulsion. At the end of the live stream, Aniyah advised that The Live Movement is just getting started, and they’re planning on assisting students at the other HBCUs with their issues. Now that the take is over, she also updated that she is headed back to the building to start cleaning Blackburn after occupying it for 34 days. Congrats to all the Howard University students who fought for their rights! We love to see it.Want updates directly in your text inbox? Hit us up at 917-722-8057 or

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