Woman Sues Fertility Clinic After Giving Birth To Another Woman’s Baby Due To Embryo Mix-Up

After giving birth to the wrong baby, a couple is suing a Los Angeles fertility clinic.According to reports, the couple’s “biological child was born to another couple after two women were implanted with the other’s embryo.”A baby girl was born to Daphna and Alexander Cardinale but something didn’t feel right. “I had a weird, sort of a gut reaction when she was born. It wasn’t anything logical. It was just like an instinct,” Alexander said.A DNA test confirmed that the infant wasn’t their biological daughter. Daphna’s embryo was implanted into a stranger. That same woman, who remains anonymous, gave birth to Daphna’s daughter a week earlier. “When I found out she wasn’t mine I poured more love into her. Maybe I was just clinging to her. I was just so scared I was going to lose her, which I ultimately did,” Daphna Cardinale said.Ultimately, the babies were given back to their biological parents. “We had to play a lot of catchup,” Alexander added. The couple has filed a lawsuit against their “physician, California Center for Reproductive Health and a third-party embryology lab for alleged misconduct, including medical malpractice and negligence.”It’s stated that California Center for Reproductive Health “thought that the embryos had gotten mixed up when an embryology lab, in VitroTech, was taking biopsies to send in for genetic testing,” according to the complaint.At this time, neither the doctor nor the clinic has commented on this situation.Roomies, what would you do in this situation?

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